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    Join the THOUSANDS of households and businesses who are paying less for their electricity across the USA!

    Electric De-regulation in Connecticut, Pennsylvania and New Jersey Provides Consumers with the Opportunity to Select Their Electric Supply Company and Save on Their Monthly Bill

    iConnect Energy has partnered with Verde Energy USA to Maximizes your Savings with Low Rates and a Special $50 Cash Back Bonus Rebate

    Selecting iConnectEnergy is Easy and Your Local Utility Company Will Continue to Fully Service Your Account and Send You Just One Monthly Bill
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    Electric prices deregulated in New Jersey


    Electric prices deregulated in New Jersey Businesses and residents save up to 15% monthly and receive a $50 Rebate check   Thanks to an innovative and comprehensive initiative from the state of New Jersey, you are now able to choose who you buy energy from.  As with the Phone Company and Cable Television, the state of New Jersey has deregulated electric service.   While your local utility, Jersey Central Power and Light or Public Service Electric will continue to be responsible for maintaining the existing network of wires, pipes and poles, other licensed suppliers can now provide the electricity at lower rates. It’s the same electricity only at a lower price. The relationship with your business or household does not change and your utility company will continue to bill you each month and service your account. And, if you have a service contract with either PSE&G or JCP&L or if you are enrolled in budget billing, nothing changes.  Except every dollar saved goes directly into your pocket. iConnectEnergy and Verde Energy are offering all businesses and residences in NJ reduced pricing which can lead to documented savings of over 15% a month on the supply portion of your electric bill. Additionally, a $50 check is issued to each business or residence for signing up. There are no contracts to sign and the enrollment takes just minutes. This is so simple and easy.  Now purchasing energy is comparable to shopping in the supermarket with your supermarket discount card.  If you are buying Corn Flakes and the person in front of you is buying Corn Flakes, you use your supermarket discount card and pay much less for the same Corn Flakes.  It’s now the same situation in purchasing your energy.  You now have a choice and you have the discount card, its called iConnectEnergy. Customers can visit the website to enroll and receive information about their $50 rebate check and discount of up to 15% or more.  All of this is at no cost to the business or consumer. From your internet browser enter www.iconnectenergy.com .   it’s that simple and you’ll see the savings each and every month for your home or business in your wallet.    
    Posted 2010-08-12


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